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November 25, 2006

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Buddy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Buddy
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pearl Cockatiel
Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
   The reason why Buddy is so special is that she picked me when I was at a low period of my life. I had just separated from my now ex-husband and was lonely. I went to a pet store and she picked me. Since then, she has been my constant companion. I bring Buddy to work with me when I have to teach and she makes sure everyone stays awake, she loves to go in the car and go shopping, and she loves to flirt with men (especially Santa Claus). In fact, if I leave without her, everyone asks "where's Buddy?". She also loves to talk on the telephone and play with her toys. She is so loved that when I couldn't find her favorite toy, my friends from the cockatiel chat board sent me some for her. This is a picture of Buddy asking for "scritches" that I was told was so cute that I needed to send it to you.

    My favorite story occurred about two Thanksgivings ago when we were invited to spend the holiday with my friend's elderly parents, Steve and Mary. The most touching part of the day was when I placed Buddy on Steve's shoulder. Steve had Parkinson's disease and was hunched over. He couldn't see Buddy so she climbed down his shoulder and sat on his arm and the two of them "talked" for about 30 minutes. He kept telling her what a good bird she was and she chirped back at him. His daughter told me that was the happiest she had seen him in a long time. He died that following July. We still see Mary every Thanksgiving and Buddy is protective of her. She sits on her shoulder and won't get off until dinner time.

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