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November 24, 2006

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Davros, the Pet of the Day
Name: Davros
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dutch Rabbit
Home: Sussex, UK
   When I was looking at the bunnies to buy there was only one who was sticking his tiny white nose through the bars and begging to be stroked, and that was Davros.

    He chose me that day and when I got him home we immediately bonded. He has the potential to win any show because he is such a handsome boy, and he is so affectionate!

    He will lick my chin, face and nose when I pick him up for a snuggle - he is very dependant on lots of love and cuddles. He will let me know when he wants to be picked up for kisses by trying to climb up my leg! He is more affectionate than our family cat, who he loves to play chase with - but it's usually the feline running away!

    My bunny loves to hop about in the garden chewing on dandelions and sunbathing in the sun. He prefers to have company than be alone and he knows I'm always around, so Davros is never miserable - especially when I bring along an alfalfa stick too (his favorite)! His favorite things to do include being groomed, investigating the garden and destroying phone books! I'm forever happy that Davros chose me that day and gives me as much love and happiness as he does.

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