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November 19, 2006

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Percy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Percy
Age: Eighteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pot belly pig
Home: Langley, British Columbia, Canada
   Here is our Percival Ignatious Graham or "Percy" for short. Percy is a pot belly pig who we got last fall. He was so scared and tiny, was nestled in my arms all the way home. We were told that Percy would mature to about 35 pounds ... well ... Percy now weighs in about 90 pounds!

    Running an equestrian center is a full-time job. Morning feed starts at 8, the door opens and out I go, followed by the dogs, Alfie and Shep; the cat, Molly; and Percy! We all troop down to the barn together, Percy getting very very excited about the prospect of cleaning up the food in the stalls after the horses. They all follow me all over the farm while I drive around feeding the other 25 horses who live outside.

    Percy loves his life, the tail is always wagging and if I go too fast, he starts to squeal to get me to wait. All the visitors who come have fallen in love with this sweet, curious fellow who is happily petted and rolls over for belly rubs. Pigs are incredibly clean, very smart and Percy comes running to his name (unless his head is buried in food) and sits on command. At night he happily sleeps on the couch, the dogs on the floor at his feet.

    Would I recommend a pig to others? Absolutely! If they have the time, the love and the room for these incredible animals it is well worth it.

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