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November 17, 2006

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JC, the Pet of the Day
Name: JC
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Halfmoon Conure
Home: Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
   I got JC at the beginning of July in Nebraska from a breeder that was 25 miles east of the Wyoming border. I had wanted a halfmoon for a long time and he's been worth the wait.

    He loves to be with people. When he is around anyone, he's trying to talk or whistle. So far, his vocabulary consists of: Whatchadoing, Hi, What's up, Kiss Kiss, Meow, laughing, whistles. He even likes to try practicing his own tunes. He loves to chew on his wooden toys. I have a play gym for him that he loves to play on or just look around from. He doesn't mind sharing it with his sister, a nine-year-old lutino cockatiel. One of his favorite foods is blueberries. He absolutely loves those!

    He loves to go outside, especially when it's sunny, so that he can have a nice, cool bath in the sun. Then he'll dry up in the sun where his feathers are like new from the effects of the sunshine.

    He's an overall great bird and I'm finally glad to have a halfmoon after waiting at least four years. Halfmoon are great birds to have, very comical, and enjoy talking. JC is all that!

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