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November 13, 2006

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Piggy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Piggy
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: American Satin Guinea Pig
Home: Westchester, New York, USA
   This is Ginny Baby Piggy, known as Piggy around the house. We have had Piggy since she was a baby, and she is the sweetest piggy in the world. Piggy will follow us around, give us kisses and run after us chasing us. She loves to eat and she is quite lazy. She even lays down while she eats. We let her out to exercise everyday for a few hours into our apartment and all she tries to do most of the time is to get a way into the food room, when she is not laying down resting. Piggy loves to be held in our lap. If we are sometimes too tired to hold her in our lap she will come over to lie at our feet.

    She likes to eat apples, orange, hay, pellets, carrot tops and lettuce. If I let her, she will jump on my lap and eat apples or orange from my hand. She always knows when the food is coming, and she will either chase us for the food or start squealing and biting her cage so that she can come and get the food and not be forgotten. We also have another guinea pig named Lotsie. Piggy is the queen piggy though, she gets very jealous if we pay any attention to Lotsie and she is not getting any. She will go over to Lotsie and snap at her! She gets in trouble for that.

    Piggy loves to be petted all over her body, except her tummy, and sides. I think that is ticklish for her. She likes to lay her tummy on our warm hands. Piggy is the most wonderful little Baby in the world and we love her. I know I wouldn't be nearly as happy without her.

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