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Pattie the Patagonian Conure Pattie
Patagonian Conure
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
November 01, 2006

Chewie the Guinea Pig Chewie
Guinea Pig
Florissant, Missouri, USA
November 02, 2006

Dior the Mini Lop Rabbit Dior
Mini Lop Rabbit
November 03, 2006

Sherman the Timneh African Grey Sherman
Timneh African Grey
Delta, Ohio, USA
November 04, 2006

Fuzzy the Syrian Hamster Fuzzy
Syrian Hamster
San Diego, California, USA
November 05, 2006

Rosie the Abysinnian Rosie
Melbourne, Australia
November 06, 2006

Prettyboy the Budgie Prettyboy
Bradford, New York, USA
November 07, 2006

Chinchin the Standard Chinchilla Chinchin
Standard Chinchilla
Stockton, California, USA
November 08, 2006

Pippin the Pacific Green Parrotlet Pippin
Pacific Green Parrotlet
Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA
November 09, 2006

Darci the Fancy Hooded Rat Darci
Fancy Hooded Rat
England, UK
November 10, 2006

Shark the African Spur Tortoise Shark
African Spur Tortoise
League City, Texas, USA
November 11, 2006

Lamar the Quaker Parrot Lamar
Quaker Parrot
Austin, Texas, USA
November 12, 2006

Piggy the American Satin Piggy
American Satin
Westchester, New York, USA
November 13, 2006

Skunks the Dumbo Rat Skunks
Dumbo Rat
Bloomington, Indiana, USA
November 14, 2006

Pete the Rabbit Pete
Bedford, England
November 15, 2006

Izzy the Bearded Dragon Izzy
Bearded Dragon
Billings, Montana, USA
November 16, 2006

JC the Halfmoon Conure JC
Halfmoon Conure
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
November 17, 2006

Gizmo the Lionhead Rabbit Gizmo
Lionhead Rabbit
England, UK
November 18, 2006

Percy the Pot belly pig Percy
Pot belly pig
Langley, British Columbia, Canada
November 19, 2006

Bernie the Teddy Bear Hamster Bernie
Teddy Bear Hamster
Lincolnshire, Illinois, USA
November 20, 2006

Harry the Snow Bearded Dragon Harry
Snow Bearded Dragon
Orlando, Florida, USA
November 21, 2006

Larry Bird the Double Larry Bird
Huntsville, Alabama, USA
November 22, 2006

Gwenneth the Hamster Gwenneth
Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada
November 23, 2006

Davros the Dutch Rabbit Davros
Dutch Rabbit
Sussex, UK
November 24, 2006

Buddy the Pearl Cockatiel Buddy
Pearl Cockatiel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
November 25, 2006

Olive the Fancy Rat Olive
Fancy Rat
Fort Myers, Florida, USA
November 26, 2006

Olive the Rainbow Lorrikeet Olive
Rainbow Lorrikeet
Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia
November 27, 2006

Tajar the Southern Flying Squirrel Tajar
Southern Flying Squirrel
Kountze, Texas, USA
November 28, 2006

Wilbur the Agouti Guinea Pig Wilbur
Agouti Guinea Pig
Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
November 29, 2006

Baxter, Barry the Parakeets Baxter, Barry
Tennessee, USA
November 30, 2006

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