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May 3, 2006

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Cinnamon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cinnamon
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Home: Rye, New York, USA
   Cinnamon came to us in early November. His previous owner's children were allergic to him, so he needed to find a new home, and we were it. He came in a small cage and was a bit shy at first, probably from not being handled much.

    But after tons of love and care, Cinnamon is now lively and bold and ready to take on any challenge. He is also not a bit shy and purrs whenever he sees us. (In case you didn't know, when a guinea pig purrs it means they are very happy.) He also now lives in a large cage with a friend, Oreo, and used to have two daughters (they are now living with our family's friend). Cinnamon is a very special piggie to all of us.

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