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March 30, 2006

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Willie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Willie
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fischer's Lovebird
Home: Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA
   This is Willie, she is a Fischer's Lovebird. When I got her, I thought I was purchasing a male. But about six months after having her, she laid some eggs. But I still kept the name the same. So, she's my little tomboy now. Most of the time she is pretty good, but can get very noisy if she doesn't have my full attention. We kind of trained each other. I had to get used to things that she likes and she began to trust me. Now we can have little chats with each other and I can give her kisses on her beak. We also have a cat, Baby, but I have to keep them separated when Willie is out.

    The first year I had Willie, she accidentally flew outside. I chased her around as she flew from one tree to the next. It was a warm day, and after spending all afternoon trying to get her to come home, I began to give up. I went inside to get some water from the water cooler by the patio doors. She was on the roof top and heard the water, so I opened the sliding door. Like a miracle, she must have been so thirsty that she flew back in the house! We never let that happen again, we are much more careful about the doors when Willie is out!

    Besides her regular bird food, she likes to eat celery (the leafy part), carrots, broccoli, corn, watermelon, and musk melon. Her favorite treats are millet spray, avi-cakes, nutri-berries, and we often share a bowl of popcorn.

    Willie likes to take a bath in her own bowl in the kitchen sink and sometimes lets me use the blow dryer on her afterwards in the bathroom. Lately, she likes to chew on paper and string for fun and likes to hang out on her playgym where there are more treats and toys to get at.

    When it is bed time, she hops in her little blue hut and I tell her it's sleepy time. She always says good night with a couple little squeaks as I put the cage covers on.

   Willie is my friend.

Willie, the Pet of the Day

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