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March 24, 2006

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Carl, the Pet of the Day
Name: Carl
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian Hamster
Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
   Carl is a Golden Creme Banded Syrian Hamster. His favorite treats are walnuts, yogurt drops, honey sticks, popcorn and pizzelles.

    My Dad brought Carl home one evening as a surprise gift. I fell in love with how cute and sweet he is. Carl is such a sweetheart.

    Sometimes Carl takes naps on my lap or on my bed. When I take him out at night he goes into hamster high gear and runs as fast as he can through the living room and he also loves to climb steps in hamster high gear.

    Carl loves stuffed animals because they are fuzzy like him. His favorite toy is an oatmeal container that he likes to scent with his scent glands and then take a bath in.

    One night I found he liked popcorn kernels better than the popcorn that I gave him when I saw him take off into my bag of popcorn and eat the kernels at the bottom for minutes.

    Carl has been a great addition to our home and we love him with all of our hearts.

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