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March 20, 2006

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Bartlby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bartlby
Age: 21 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Senegal Parrot
Home: East Coast, USA
   Bartlby is one unique bird. He has been around for quite sometime now. He is the epitome of a "one person bird"! Strange as that may be, he has also outlasted several rock bands and relationships that his owner was involved in along the way. Bartlby has been a very very loyal friend to his owner and sometimes gets really jealous when others are around him. Bartlby has actually been on tour with his owner's band as well as having his picture on an album release. Bartlby spent his first nineteen years as a Texas Bird and lived the playbird rock and roll lifestyle in Austin, TX. Then he migrated to the east coast for the past couple of years with his owner to once again witness new experiences.

    Bartlby has been to the best places in town and in his earlier years once owned his own remote control dune buggy. Now he is happy in his three-story cage loaded down with the best toys the market has to offer. He loves to scream, he loves to whistle, he loves to hassle anyone around his owner like a mafia thug. He shares his life with a cat named Fender and a beautiful woman that he can hardly tear his owner away from. He's ok with all that so long as everyone knows that he is King. He is one unique little bird.

    He has survived car crashes, bike crashes, and barroom brawls with cats which he won. One of the most interesting things about Bartlby is that for several years in Texas for vacation Bartlby and his owner would go to the Texas gulf shores. His owner would hold Bartlby at the end of his hand and let Bartlby fly just as far as his little green wings would carry him. Bartlby would get a hundred yards over the water and decide that he would rather come full circle right back to his owner.

    Sounds beautiful, right? Picture him screaming as senegals do during his entire flight. Frantic look on his face, feet flopping around as he tries to at least look as graceful as Woodstock from Charlie Brown as he does a crash landing on the sandy shore flip after flip! Finally getting back on his owners shoulder screaming protest songs about the momentary separation from his owner. Bartlby is truly a unique bird. It is actually documented on video that Bartlby will defend the right to eat pop tarts as he fends off seagulls five times his size. He has made a lot of friends along the way and has been truly loyal as a best friend to his owner.

    Bartlby may be up there in years, but he can teach some of you young senegals and conures a thing or two about the world around you! Hail King Bartlby!

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