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March 12, 2006

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Schmang, the Pet of the Day
Name: Schmang
Age: Nineteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: California, USA
   My name is Schmang and I have had a pretty exciting life in my nineteen years. I was hatched in 1986 in Kansas during the time of big hair and leg warmers. In 1992, I moved with my Human to California. I rode all the way there under an airplane seat, and I made cockatiel noises for 2000 miles. Everyone on the plane wanted to see me and marvel at my beautiful feathers. In 1994, I was in the Northridge earthquake, which my Human swears I heard coming. Fortunately, my cage was fine, but our apartment was badly damaged. I had to move with my Human to a new home.

    For years everybody thought I was a boy, because of my bright cheeks and the fact that I never laid an egg. When I was seventeen, I became extremely ill. I had old eggs inside by body that my Bird Doctor had to remove. He saved my life! Two months ago, I became very ill again. I have ovarian cancer, and my Bird Doctor had to do another operation on me. I'm feeling much better now, but I have to take hormone shots to keep another tumor from growing.

    I love playing on my toy shelf, eating bird pellets and assorted treats, and having my head scratched. Although I've never spoken in Human language, everybody seems to understand what I want. I'm looking forward to my vacation in Santa Barbara and to my 20th birthday party this spring.

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