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June 27, 2006

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Charlie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Charlie
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Standard Grey Chinchilla
Home: Mid Wales, UK
   This is Charlie. He has a lot of character, he took his time getting used to me but now he has his own ways of telling me what he wants, like a treat or some fuss! He has such a cute face and always makes me smile if I am ever feeling sad... he is my little friend.

    Charlie likes to run about in his play room each night. When I first let him out at night he runs to his sand bath, if I have forgotten to open it already, he will keep looking at me then his sand bath until I do it! Once he has finished rolling around in his sand, he will start to play. He jumps around, bouncing off of the walls and chairs. When he has tired himself out a bit, he will come and sit on my lap, jumping up onto my shoulders and occasionally he will sit on my head! Charlie uses my arms and legs as bridges to places, up to the top shelf of his cage, onto the table... once he is there he always turn around and will want to climb back up my arm and onto my shoulders again! He will do this several times! I think this is one of his favorite games... seeing how many times he can get me to pick up my arms or legs so there is a bridge!

    He is a very friendly chinchilla, I have been surprised at how much he likes to sit on me as they usually just run about and do their own things! Charlie likes to nibble at everything and anything! He always chews the end of my socks (not sure why!) He also likes my belt, buttons, zip and he will then try to chew me! He seems to like my nails and my eyebrows!! I have a place called Charlie's Perch as he will always go and sit there when he wants to be stroked behind the ears! He always looks like he is falling asleep and looks at me when I stop, until he has had enough of course. He will then go and sit inside his cage and look at me for a bit, he knows he will get a treat - usually a raisin at this time just before I shut his cage door! There is always something that Charlie does when he is out that will make me laugh or smile! He is my little friend and I love him to bits!

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