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June 21, 2006

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Casey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Casey
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abbyruvian Guinea Pig
Home: Texas, USA
   This is my princess Casey or Cuddles as she is sometimes called. I bought Casey at a pet store where she was very skinny and too young to be taken away from her mommy. But after a month she started to plump up and now she is a spoiled, chubby little princess.

    The person at the pet store told us that she was a boy so I named her Casey from a character in a Tv show. A couple of days after I bought her, a bump started to grow on her back. We bought some medicine to put on it and it went away but two more grew and we put more medicine on it and they went away and now she is a perfect little piggy princess.

    Her favorite things to do are eating, picking on her little sister who is also an Abbyruvian piggy, eating, licking her fur until she looks perfect, eating, and following me around the house. Her favorite foods are watermelon, cucumber, apple, raisins and lettuce (but she can't have it very often because it makes her tummy upset).

    She is constantly being pampered and being told how gorgeous she is. She has her own purple box which has her clothes and hair pins in it. Her favorite accessories are her pink cheetah shoes which really fit her. Her very best friend is her food bowl which she adores. Her other friends are her mommy and a rabbit named Rex who she likes to share veggies with. She is the sweetest little angel and I adore her so much and she knows it too.

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