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June 14, 2006

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Geoffrey, Pixie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Geoffrey, Pixie
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Pacific Parrotlets
Home: State College, Pennsylvania, USA
   Meet Geoffrey Edmond (male, green, left) and Pixie Bonita (female, blue, right). Geoffrey and Pixie are twins (from the same clutch, born within a day of each other) and they are part of our bird family of two cockatiels and two lovebirds. We got them from a couple who had adopted them but was traveling frequently and realized that the twins did not do well in those circumstances. So they called us and asked if we would adopt them. These little ones needed us, so how could we say no?

    Parrotlets are not very commonly kept as pets, but they are great as such! They are the smallest parrots, but they have the attitude of the large ones. Geoffrey and Pixie are kept in separate cages, and they are allowed to play together outside of their cages. They take good care of each other with preening. When they are resting, they many times lean on each other and you can see two birds and only two feet. They both take at least a bath a day in their water dish. They also have very different personalities. Geoffrey is very easy going and curious, and he likes to hang upside down. Pixie is very cautious, but she can be extremely aggressive if she feels that Geoffrey or herself are in danger. Geoffrey chewed up his own gorgeous feathers when his human daddy went away on a trip. He didn't believe me when I said Daddy would come back, I guess! However, the feathers on his head still look perfect, because Pixie takes care of them for him.

    In this picture, I was cleaning the cages and the twins decided to check out all the different food dishes, and they ended up making a mess. But it does not matter. They are very special to us!

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