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July 26, 2006

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Snickers, the Pet of the Day
Name: Snickers
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: American Guinea Pig
Home: Batavia, Illinois, USA
   Snickers is special to me because she was one of my teacher's guinea pigs and I got to babysit Snickers for the summer. This is because my teacher was going to China to bring donations of clothing, school supplies and things to a school there. Then one day my parents went to my school for a curriculum meeting, and my teacher said I could keep Snickers for always!

    Snickers is a American guinea pig and she is sooooo funny. When I bend down to open the cabinet where her Timothy hay is kept, she's like there in a flash. She also likes attention, when I come in the room, she's there sticking her nose out of the cage bars or biting the cage bars - its so funny that you have to be there to see it! But she is a very good guinea pig, too, and even wore her hat for the picture. She is pretty, she is special, and she is mine!

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