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July 12, 2006

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Sasha, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sasha
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Paint, Thoroughbred cross
Home: Washington, USA
   For as long as I can remember, I have loved horses. I began taking lessons when I was seven, and ever since then, even before then, I've wanted my own horse, but we didn't have the room for one. Four years ago we moved to the country and bought a little farm. My parents said that when I turned thirteen that I could start looking for a horse. So, of course, the minute I turned thirteen, I went straight to and began my search. Now two years later, and fifteen years old, I have Sasha!

    It all started in late January. I was getting so frustrated because for two years I had been looking. I had looked at almost fifteen horses, and although that's not too many, it sure seemed like it!! So I entered my "normal" search and pressed submit. As I was scrolling down I saw this beautiful picture! It was Sasha! Her full name, by the way, is Splash of Rainier.

    She sounded perfect, a hunter/jumper with show experience. I was in awe of her beauty and instantly e-mailed her owner. After talking some, we arranged a day and came to see Sasha! She was perfect! I loved her right off the bat. So we decided to get a vet check. The first one went well until we found something in her coffin joint, and I was devastated, but more upset. After some persuasion, we got a follow-up vet check, and they said that she would be just fine! So not long after that, we brought her home! Ever since then, I have been enjoying her to the fullest! Soon I plan to begin showing her in some hunter/jumper schooling shows.

    She is the funniest horse. Every day at a certain time she takes her afternoon naps. You can even sit on her while she's laying down... and it's always impossible to get her up. Recently we introduced her to our other horse, Capuccino, and although Sasha is the alpha mare, they love each other. I love Sasha soooo much and she will live with us for the rest of her life.

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