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July 11, 2006

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Silver, the Pet of the Day
Name: Silver
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Catania, Sicily, Italy
   This is Silver my pet rabbit. He is a Chinchilla rabbit, his parents are Pucci a Chestnut agouti Dwarf rabbit mix and Bijou, a Dwarf angora Siamese, they are two beautiful bunnies, but they aren't very good pet. They don't like to be handled or petted, they are very dominant, often biting my hands and other rabbits!

    Silver is different, is very sweet and affectionate, he likes to be petted and often he licks my hands or my face!

    I have seven rabbits of different sizes, colors and fur, but he is The Favorite! His hair is short but is very soft and wooly like his mommy. He know his name and he comes when I call him.

    His first friend was Minnie a very sweet Peruvian guinea pig, that lived with us for eight years. Like most male bunnies, he hates other males and can't tolerate their presence. Silver doesn't have a cage, because he lives free in my house, but during the night he sleeps in my bedroom in a kitty basket. He is a very good house rabbit! Sometimes he is like a little dog, sometimes he is like a cat, most of time he is simply a rabbit!

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