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July 8, 2006

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Chippewa, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chippewa
Age: Fourteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Betta Fish
Home: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
   I met Chippewa at WalMart, where he was in a little plastic container on a shelf with lots of other betta fish. Chip immediately swam over to look into my eyes, and then flared those beautiful blue, green and red fins and flashed back and forth. If I looked at other fish, Chip swam to the side of his container where I was and watched me. He continued to hold my gaze and show off his beautiful fins. Like a kid in a chorus line, he knew all he needed was a chance to win someone's attention!

    Chip has his own seven-gallon aquarium, complete with a heater and filter that keep the water clean and warm. When anyone walks near his aquarium, he swims over to greet them. Chip is never shy, and loves to watch whatever is happening in the room where he lives in his aquarium. In his spare time, Chip blows huge bubble nests in his aquarium, just in case a female betta drops by and wants to start a family. He can be found snoozing next to his heater most afternoons.

    My husband and I are also owned by two fifteen-year-old Yorkshire terriers and two other male betta fish. Chippewa is the most outgoing of the menagerie. I think of him as my "energetic blue puppy!"

    Chippewa wants to talk: "Aren't I beautiful? I have my very own aquarium. Since no one else shares my aquarium, I have lots of attention to give to the lady I own. I first attracted her attention at WalMart. I showed off for her, the same way I'm showing off in this picture, and she couldn't resist me! "

    "When anyone walks near my aquarium, I swim over to greet them. The lady I own feeds me twice a day, and after I eat I let her pet me. Really! I swim over to her finger, and let her stroke my fins very gently. She tells me she has three other betta fish and none of them have asked to be petted. According to her, I am very flashy and clever, and she enjoys spending time with me. Who wouldn't?!"

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