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July 1, 2006

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Happy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Happy
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Gold Capped Conure
Home: Cridersville, Ohio, USA
   Happy came from a local rescue several years ago. He's about five years old, but that's just a guess. He really is an amazon parrot in a conure body. He's a very fickle and jealous little bird. He does not like dogs, cats or other birds, although he has accepted our little rescue sun conure. But he would much rather ride around with mom all to himself. His loyalty is touching, but he could work on expanding his horizons a bit!

    He does have some issues such as trigger words like "go outside." Use those two words and the eyes will pine and a dangerous nip is just around the bend. But all in all, we have bonded quite well, and those little quirks are few compared to the happiness he brings. His name truly does suit him much of the time.

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