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January 19, 2006

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Daffy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Daffy
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Jenday Conure
Home: Anacortes, Washington, USA
   This is Daffy, our Jenday. We rescued her from a very neglectful household, in which she had been out of her cage so little that she was afraid to come out when we got her. With about a week of reward training and trust building she started coming out of her cage and her shell! In the five months that we have had her, she has learned to step up as well as say "step up" and a few other phrases. The most adorable thing she does is laugh! Anytime we laugh she laughs, and the harder we laugh the harder she laughs. Daffy has truly become the light of our lives in the short time she has owned us and we look forward to many more years of laughter with her. In this picture she has just finished enjoying - well, almost finished, anyway - her treat of conure seed.

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