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January 18, 2006

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Buddy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Buddy
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hamster
Home: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
   My adorable Dalmatian Fuzzball (hamster) Buddy is five months old. We found him at PetSmart with three other male hamsters on my birthday. He is really funny because when he sleeps, he lays on his side like me. Most hamsters curl up to sleep, not Buddy! If he is awake, I give him a cardboard tube to crawl into. Once he does, I can let him climb all over me, or run around the house terrorizing the dogs in his hamster ball. He has short fur which he grooms a lot. When he washes, he licks his cute little hands and scrubs his face. Next he licks his back foot and combs his back. Then he lays on his back, and scrubs his tummy. He is the cutest little guy!

    Buddy loves eating lettuce, carrots, apple slices, vitamin drops, (he's eating a vitamin in his photo) and his favorite food is scrambled eggs. His favorite thing to do is run in his yellow wheel for about six hours a night! He is such an awesome fluffball! He is my second hamster. I gave him the nickname Skunk Head because of the pattern on his head! Everyone he meets just loves him to bits! He is litterbox trained and he lives in a Crittertrail 2.

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