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January 17, 2006

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Zero, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zero
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Quarter Horse
Home: Alabama, USA
   I have two horses Zero and King. This is Zero, she is like my best friend, you know - the kind you can tell anything to. "Zeros Tootsie Roll" is her full name. I have had her for about a year and she is the best horse ever. She is my barrel racer, pole bender, and arena racer. She has no problems besides a bone spur on her hind leg which the vet says should not hurt her. I got her after my trainer determined that I needed a new horse because my other horse King has arthritis, and could not run any more.

    Zero is registered in AQHA, NBHA, PCA, and the MSHA. Our main running circuit is MSHA. She is really fast and a good horse. She will come running to my whistle and is rather small compared to my other sixteen hands high horse, she stands at 14.2 hands high. She's such a good horse - whenever I approach her with her halter she sticks her head into it! She loves to play tag with me and actually understands it, and she tries to play it with my other horse, too, but King doesn't get the concept!

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