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January 14, 2006

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Snickers, the Pet of the Day
Name: Snickers
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dutch Rabbit
Home: British Columbia, Canada
   Snickers is a female dutch bunny who is very clean, and loves to be petted and lick you when she's not running around, chewing, or eating. She doesn't like being picked up much but will let you to hold her for a few minutes usually. If you show up near her with a fresh piece of banana, she'll go crazy and eat it right away. She wouldn't like to sit still while your watching a TV show and would rather be a distraction and jump of the couch and make you watch her instead. She's fun to watch, especially when she "binkies" (that's when a bunny jumps in air and twists a little). She has always been a really good girl with her litterbox habits and was very good in accepting my other bunny, Cadbury, in our house. She can run very fast and is good on a rabbit harness/leash, too.

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