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January 12, 2006

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Java Joe, the Pet of the Day
Name: Java Joe
Age: Seventeen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black Capped Conure
Home: Virginia, USA
   Hello, my name is Java Joe and I am Black Capped Conure. I live in Virginia with my friend Lela, she is an African Grey. I love to take baths and sit in Mom's hair. I try to talk but my voice is kind of unclear. I keep my Mom busy and entertained with all of my terrific toys. She orders a bunch of stuff from Drs. Foster and Smith. We also read BirdTalk together, eat together and drink coffee (hence, the name Java Joe) together. She knows it is not nutritious for me but a little beakful every now and then won't hurt me. I also like to eat out of her plate, especially if she has bread on it. Lately I have been a little nippy, but those are just love bites, Mommy knows it. I think I should be pet of the day just because I am so precious. Oh, and sometimes I fall asleep while Daddy is rubbing my neck, I love my Mommy and Daddy sooooo much.

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