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January 1, 2006

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Chippy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chippy
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Queensland, Australia
   This is Chippy, my three-year-old female Cinnamon cockatiel. I have many birds, from tiny Orange breasted waxbills to a funny Galah! I have four pet cockatiels, Chippy must be my favorite though as she loves me so much and I saved her. Three years ago, I saw ad an in the paper, 'hand raised cockatiels'. So we spent an hour driving to get to the place on a hot summers day and the place had all their birds in a hot garage with no air. Chippy was one out of about 100 cockatiels there and she looked terrible, no tail feathers, or crest and drooping eyes and she kept on making sad sounds. I bought her out of sympathy. The next few days she didn't get any better, so I rang the lady to get some answers, but she didn't answer and never returned my calls.

    Ever since then, Chip has been the nicest bird I have and she loves me sooo much and won't leave me alone. She's full of personality, as you can just tell! I think she knew she was in for a good life with me! She has also escaped twice from our two story house and I've found her running around the backyard! Doesn't go far! She's one lucky bird, and I'll never part with her now, she's so special :).

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