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December 30, 2006

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Cheese, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cheese
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fancy rat
Home: Australia
   My name is Stacey and this is my pet rat, Cheese. She is four months old in this picture, but is eight months old now, and she is my first rat and my best bud. She loves to sleep in my jacket or even in my hair! She likes to keep me company as I do my homework. When I take her for trips around the house, she sits in my sleeve and pokes her little head out. It's just so cute!

    Cheese also likes to snuggle down with her sister, named Whiskers, and they enjoy play wrestling at night which keeps me awake. I named her and her sister after a saying by a cartoon character, "Rat in the Hat," whose saying is "Oh cheese and whiskers" which is what I say now every time they get into trouble! I cannot stay mad at them too long! Just look at that cute face! Cheese is my best buddy.

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