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December 25, 2006

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Lennie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lennie
Age: Three and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
   Lennie is my first guinea pig. After receiving a stuffed animal guinea pig for a birthday present, my wife remembered how much she loved the guinea pigs she had as a child and started looking at the websites for the local animal shelters for guinea pigs.

    We found Lennie at the MSPCA hiding in a pen with a bunny next to the two doorways that led to the shelter's cat and dog areas. Quite nervous when a hand reached into his makeshift home, Lennie instantly calmed down as soon as my wife held him. After rescuing him from his much larger bunny roommate, we named him after Lennie Brisco, Jerry Orbach's character from Law & Order.

    Lennie is a rather spoiled cavy, enjoying a variety of lettuce, carrots, red bell pepper, cilantro, parsley, and dandelion greens year round, plus seasonal treats like corn husks, clementines, and basil. He is kinda picky sometimes and doesn't have nearly the taste for sloppy dining on such succulent morsels as watermelon and strawberries like his brother, Pigwidgeon. He does, however, have a much stronger timothy hay and hay pellet addiction compared to his brother. It's gotten to the point that he has developed a particularly refined technique of picking the absolute best pieces of hay from his hay rack, by way of half way climbing into the hay rack to get them when they're on the top. It's kind of embarrassing, really; he's got really ripped abs that flex when he's trying to get to the very top of his hay rack.

    He has a particular way of staring at me in the evening from his house. He rests his front paws on the front wall of the upstairs level of his house and looks out at us, wheeking if we make the slightest motion towards the kitchen. Then, as soon as he hears the refrigerator door move, he vaults over onto his ramp, zooms downstairs and rushes to the front of the lower floor (which is a little closer) to make sure we serve him before we serve his brother.

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