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December 15, 2006

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Buddy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Buddy
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Greenwing Macaw
Home: Minnesota, USA
   Buddy is a very unique bird. Even though he only has two toes, he can run, climb, hop, and do everything else just as well as any other bird! We got him about a year ago, and he's even learned how to call us by name! Well, not our names, but ones he's made up! For instance, to him, my name is rock. When I leave a room, he'll yell "Rock!"

    We are told Buddy lost his toes in a fight with another male greenwing. He was thought to be a female for the first ten years in his life, so breeders paired him up with other males. Obviously, neither produced any eggs. The breeder thought he wasn't of "breeding quality" because of this, so he sold him to another breeder in Iowa. She kept him for a year and a half with a male. Poor Buddy was still though to be a girl! He and the blue & gold he was with became best pals, but the owner didn't like the fact that she wasn't making any money on their non-existent babies. After a blood test, she figured out the truth, and wanted to sell him. That's when I found him!

    Buddy doesn't really have any favorite games, but he loves to sit out on the front porch! He can't handle any foot toys, but he'll chew up anything he gets his beak on ... including my footboard ... He's a very affectionate bird, especially for a previous breeder! He had little/no human interaction when he was in with other males, and we were surprised to see how quickly he bonded to us!

    Buddy doesn't know any tricks, but he loves to bob his head whenever we play music, especially the "who let the dogs out" song! He gives kisses, which is basically just touching his tongue to your lips, and we've grossed out many people with that! My mom describes it as "a warm, dry tongue from a beak touching your mouth." We all think it's funny.

    I'm really proud of Buddy with his tameness, and glad he came to like me, a bird-crazy fifteen-year-old human!

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