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December 14, 2006

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Twil-Tee, the Pet of the Day
Name: Twil-Tee
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lop Rabbit
Home: Nova Scotia, Canada
   Twil-Tee is special because he is really cute!! He's absolutley adorable!! He's really adventurous, and if when you come home you're upset one, and I mean one look into his cute eyes, with their natural dramatic "eyeliner," and you can't feel sad anymore!!

    He loves to eat, when I go up to his cage pretty much every time he's eating something! This little guy will grow up fast! He's more the independent type, and doesn't really care for being picked up. But then again he's still quite young. so he's not really used to us yet, he may get used to being picked after some time. He most loves to be petted behind his ears, and his head.

   He's Sooo Special to me and my Family!

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