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December 7, 2006

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Keona, the Pet of the Day
Name: Keona
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pied Cockatiel
Home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
   Keona is a white-faced saddleback pied cockatiel. My bird Keona is a special bird and not because she is an unique type of cockatiel. I could tell you about her parents and their blood lines, but even if she had the worst bloodlines in the world, I wouldn't trade her for anything. No, none of that makes my Keona special.

    What makes Keona my special little bird is her beautiful heart. I have had her since May, but it seems like forever. I have other birds, but she is by far the friendliest. From day one, she has wanted to be out of her cage and be part of the action. Keona prefers me, but she will allow others to hold her and she will sit on other people's shoulders. I guess I am her special friend.

    I have never bought a pet for their ability to do tricks or to talk. However, Keona has a few unique traits and cute personality additions that I love. In the morning and at night, to get my attention, Keona wolf whistles at me! No one really believed me at first, but now, since most of my family has heard her do it, they not only believe me, but are amazed! She and I will watch tv together and she will 'laugh' when I laugh. Keona tries to mimic everything I do; she's not too go at it, but its the thought that counts! She now mimics her big sibling Zac; often confusing me! Keona has a fetish with glasses, earrings and necklaces, so watch out if you wear any! She will often times scare my sister by running towards her just to get her glasses! Keona is my special little buddy.

    Keona enjoys many things, but her favorite by far is 'helping' me with my math and biology by nibbling on my calculator and sitting in the middle of the book, [as you see in her picture]! She also enjoys watching hockey games with me and helping me play my hockey game! She loves popcorn and will try to steal any food if someone eats in front of her! I can't imagine what my life would be like without her! She is my pride and joy!

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