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August 31, 2006

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GQ, the Pet of the Day
Name: GQ
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Paint Horse
Home: Indiana, USA
   GQ is my four year old paint horse. He is a gelding that I show in the all-around events. In this picture GQ is resting, exhausted after thee days of showing. My parents bought GQ to replace my old horse who died. GQ is the best ever because he thinks he is such a macho man, but is purely just a wimp at heart, and is afraid of everything. GQ is a lot of fun to ride because he has a lot of energy, and being ridden is still so very new to him. One of GQ'S favorite pastimes is to get turned loose to run. While in the indoor ring he goes and looks at himself in the mirrors and then starts following me around in the arena. He also bucks a lot while he is running around.

    GQ, also known as Got My Guccis On, is the big klutz at the barn because he eats absolutely everything, especially his blankets, which annoys his mom to death. But I love him anyway!

Boca, the Pet of the Day

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