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August 30, 2006

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Boca, the Pet of the Day
Name: Boca
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Yellow Nape Amazon
Home: Methuen, Massachusetts, USA
   My name is Boca. I am a Yellow Nape Amazon. I am an adult. Don't know my true age but my mom has had me for eight years. I don't talk too much but my mom says I'm smart because I understand everything she says. I am shy, so when I sing I put my head up and my throat moves but no voice come out. I like to dance when my mom sings. When she goes out, she tells me to take care of the house and I say "OKAY" in a real loud voice.

    I never had Boca sexed, but we refer to him as male. I bought him at an auction and they thought he was about five (eight years ago) but I think he is much older. He was one of the only birds left at an auction so I got him for $200.00. The first thing he said to me was "Hello" in a loud and clear voice. Every morning, he starts by waving hi to me and as soon as I leave he says C'mom Dot. When I talk to him he answers me by shaking his head yes or no. He is a quiet bird and I love him. Quite bossy too. Very sedentary. He like to play fetch also.

    When we first got him, I felt bad that I knew nothing about him. I said to my husband "I wonder what his name is" as they didn't tell us that either. Well I was shocked when he said in a clear voice "hello Boca!" My husband said maybe he is talking to a dog or something and he replied "hello Bocabird," and he accented "bird". He told us his name. I wish he was more social and talked more, but I love him anyway, as I love all my eight birds.

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