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August 28, 2006

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Mango, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mango
Age: 31 weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lutino Cockatiel
Home: Canberra, Australia
   My Mango is just a little boy, and special because he is not one year old yet and he knows the way from the living room to my bedroom. One morning I got Mango's food bowl out of the cage and Mango started to do long, slow squeaks. I went away and he did quick, loud ones. My mum's friend was over and she said Mango must have been singing. I think the quick ones meant "come back, I need an audience!"

    I got a cockatiel for Christmas 2005. I named him Mango because of his fluffy little orange cheeks. Sometimes he's just a wimp. He likes to come in the shower with me. Afterwards I wrap him in a towel to dry him and he falls asleep. Sometimes after showers he likes being blow-dried with my mum's hair dryer! Mango's favorite game is when I wiggle my fingers in front of his face and he tries to peck them (he's gentle and never bites hard). He doesn't like big colorful things like my brother's Krusty the Klown doll. He doesn't like the goldfish, either.

    Mango goes crazy sometimes. He flies around really fast and crashes into things. He never seems to hurt himself, and always seems to be pretending he crashed on purpose! He is very affectionate and loves company and adventure. Whenever I come home in the bus, Mango starts tweeting when we're just in front of the house! He loves being cheeky and pecking my brother on the nose! He is the fastest bird on the planet at eating seed bells! He comes to the beach and has even been canoeing with me, in his little cage. Is this enough information? I can talk about him forever Just ask my dad!

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