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August 22, 2006

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Ginny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ginny
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Seoul, South Korea
   Ginny is a very special pet and a friend. I chose her because of her temperament. She was set aside from the other guinea pigs and put with the hamsters since she was biting the other cavy! I found her attacking a young hamster and took Gin out of the cage so the poor little creature could run away. I guess she didn't like the competition. But she liked me, and I liked her, so she came home with me.

    Now she is an adorable and much friendlier pet, and squeaks for food when a family member passes by. She is much happier being by herself in her cage, I guess, than she was at the store. She doesn't bite us! Here she is out exploring - she is very curious. Ginny is also on my list of things to bring in an emergency. I love Ginny!

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