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August 18, 2006

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Sonny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sonny
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter Horse
Home: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
   This is my horse Sonny - his full name is "Zip'n it up Sonny". Sonny is a ten-year-old Registered Quarter Horse. He is special because I have only had him for eight months but we have already become great partners. He had five years of western pleasure training prior to me getting him so I started re-training him in dressage right away. The picture is of us at our very first show and we took champion in intermediate (over a fence, pleasure, equitation and showmanship).

    He's also really special to me because of his personality. Sonny is super sweet and super cute. He comes running when I call his name and follows me wherever I go. He never ever rolls, he loves jumping and he loves getting a bath. Sonny and I have really bonded over the short eight months I have been with him and even though I had to teach him how to jump and move all over again we are really a great pair. He never gives up on me and I will never give up on him.

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