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August 10, 2006

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Felix, the Pet of the Day
Name: Felix
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Iceland
   Felix is very special bunny for me. I've always wanted a bunny, but usually the things went on the way, I wasn't able to get a bun. But one day I went for a walk in forest, and I found a cute bun hopping around, he wasn't afraid of people, he was lovely. Because he looked like a bunny, not a hare, we understood that someone had dumped the poor bun in forest. The weather was getting cold, and if we hadn't taken him with us, he would have died from the cold, because he didn't have wild rabbit's coat, but usual pet bunny coat. So we took him home, and I was so happy that we could keep him. He got name Felix, because it means "lucky" in latin. He was really lucky, that we found him!

    When we got him, he was friendly to people, but still, he didn't trust anybody, he was by himself, but now he likes to play with people. He also like my rats! His favorite thing to do is to take shoes and put them in different places. It depends on his mood whether he is affectionate or independent. But usually he likes to be around people. And he looves to take a walks. I take him outside on his leash, and he hops around like crazy :)

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