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August 3, 2006

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Gabby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gabby
Age: Four years old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Chattering Lory
Home: Markham, Ontario, Canada
   This is my parrot Gabby, I believe it's a boy but I haven't gotten him DNA tested yet. (there's no other way with this kind of Lory for determining gender. He is a Chattering Lory approximately four years old. He was previously abused and neglected and it took him ten whole months to get adjusted to his new home and us, the people living in it! It has now been one year and three months since I've had Gabby and he/she is improving everyday!

    Well, Gabby is very affectionate right now but also very mischevious. He is jealous of my dog and they constantly compete for my attention. I think his favorite trick is to hang upside down and imitate people, since thats what lories do best. He seems like he's very happy right now at his new and permanent home even though it took him a very long time to get adjusted. I believe his favorite thing to say is my dog's name and calling him "Chico!! Come here Chico!!" and he does the whistle which often confuses my dog :) He is always seeking human attention now, whereas before just looking at us frightened him. He has come a long way, and we are glad he is now a happier bird.

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