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August 2, 2006

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Poppy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Poppy
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini English Lop rabbit
Home: Irvine, Scotland
   I would like to present my best friend Poppy the house rabbit. She is my pride and joy.

    Poppy is very affectionate if she is in the mood - she loves licking my face and cuddling into me in my bed. She loves toast and jumps up on the couch beside my husband in the morning and tries to steal the toast off his plate. She once grabbed a whole slice and ran away with it. She makes a cooing sound when she is happy and loves to follow me around. She sits at the kitchen door at tea time waiting for her food and will happily do laps of the living room chasing us until we give her her tea.

    She often "plays dead" something I was horrified about at first, however I am assured that this simply means that she is completely relaxed and content. She has her own room filled with lots of toys and she loves her cardboard castle. This is where she goes when she wants to be alone. She recently got her photo taken by a professional pet photographer and we are delighted with the results although the photographer says she was one of his most difficult clients. One of the photos summed her up perfectly - lady of the manor!

    I hate leaving her when we go on holiday but we have a super bunny sitter. She is a veterinary nurse and she comes into the house to look after her. I always shed a few tears when saying good-bye to her even though I know she will be well looked after. I adore Poppy and love her company. I would be devastated to lose her.

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