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April 30, 2006

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Leon and Ruby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Leon, Ruby
Age: Four, Three years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Guinea Pigs
Home: Glasgow, Scotland
   This is Leon on the left and Ruby, my two guinea pigs. They are very different characters, but both very cute. Leon is usually quite laid back, and is bullied by Ruby (even though she is younger and smaller than him). She loves to steal his nicely warmed sleeping spot, and will push him out the way. She also likes to bite his hair, and has trimmed it all down one side (you can see it sticking up in the photo). He doesn't seem to mind though. The only time he is dominant is when it comes to dinner time. He will never be pushed away from the food bowl! They both come running if you rustle a plastic bag as they think they'll get some parsley. They would also mug you for some buttered toast. They will actually try to climb up my legs to steal some! They like to snuggle with me, and they make noises like a coffee maker when they are happy.

    Leon needs to have a operation to remove some lumps on his chest. I'm sure he'll be ok, as we have a great vet, who has operated on him before. He is my boy though, so I am worried. I don't know what Ruby and I would do without him.

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