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April 24, 2006

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Jean Luc, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jean Luc
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini Lop Rabbit
Home: Manitoba, Canada
   Here's a critter that can lift your spirits. She's an indoor/outdoor pet, depending on the weather and her preference. We purchased her locally, with the idea of it being a classroom pet. She was a little to temperamental for this, so now she is living in the lap of luxury as you can see in the photo. She loves to frolic in the enclosed yard, with the occasional swing on the lawn swing. When the day is nearly over, she comes into the house and nestles into her cage. Her favorite treats are banana, peanuts, carrots, dill and green beans. She's become an affectionately social pet as time has gone by.

    In the evening she sleeps in her customized dog kennel. I made it into a multilevel living quarters. In the morning she is eager to be released. The first thing she wants to do is wait at the foot of the rocking chair. When I arrive in the chair, she expects me to put her in my lap and give her a morning rubdown. After she is satisfied, it's time for her to visit the litter box. Then it's off to the back door landing where she waits to be let outside. We have a bird feeder in our back yard. Often you will find her sitting in the wheel barrow that I intentionally left there to catch the fallen bird seeds. In the summer she enjoys sampling vegetables in our garden. When people are outside she will sometimes run circles around our feet. We have a lawn swing in our back yard that she will jump on. As evening approaches she waits at the back door to be let in. Guess where she can be found now. Yup, back at the chair. It's time for her evening rub down. My daughter named her Jean Luc, because we thought she was a Male French Lop. Oops. She's a Female Mini Lop. She is now more commonly known as Bunbun.

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