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April 18, 2006

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Sweetpea, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sweetpea
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Timneh African Grey
Home: Warren, Michigan, USA
   Hello this is my bird Sweetpea. From day one I knew she was going to be smart - African greys have that reputation, but I never thought she would be this smart!! She is only two years old, and already has an amazing vocabulary. She says "hello," "hi," "how are you," "what," "what ya doing," "where you going," "Sweetpea," "Isabelle," "Scooby" (our dog's name), "wanna go out," "wanna eat," "I don't wanna do it," "Daryl," (my name), "okay," "okeydokkie," "step up," (which she will do on command), "help," "help me," "wanna go out," "happy birthday," "thank you," "good morning," "I love pizza," "pretty bird," and "silly bird." She can make sound effects, too - she barks, can sound like the smoke detector going off, does the pretty bird whistle, makes the garbage truck backing up sound, imitates squeaky dog toys, and coughs. She just picks up on so many things she hears, it's incredible. She also says "come on," "is it good?" "good girl," and even "bad girl." She is very smart, as you can tell. She is also a good bird, and very sweet, like her name says. She is the best!

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