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April 9, 2006

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White Feather, the Pet of the Day
Name: White Feather
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Miniature Donkey
Home: Gallatin, Tennessee, USA
   Wee Ones White Feather is our home-grown miniature donkey. He enjoys carting children at parties, helping out with nativity plays, or coon jumping at the state fair. Miniature donkeys make lovable pets and are what's called easy keepers. They are always ready for a hug. Miniature donkeys are not all gray. They are red, spotted, black, and of course white. Wee Ones White Feather has proven to be a number one contender for the coon jump and driving. It doesn't matter if it is fun, or competing, Wee Ones White Feather is number one here on the farm.

    He was five months old in this picture. White Feather is special because he is always loves attention, enjoys eating his grain and plays well with the other donkeys. Now why does a white donkey love to get in the mud?

    Wee Ones White Feather is very loving and always wanting to please. We have owned White Feather since birth. White Feather is not only a pet but a performance miniature donkey. He competes in classes such as lead race, snigging (dragging a log or pole), coon jumping, pleasure driving, obstacle driving, halter and trail classes.

    Miniature donkeys are easy keepers. It takes only a hand full of grain and a wedge of hay per day per donkey. They are not typical suburban backyard pets, mainly because of the restrictions of the community. The miniature donkey has a cross on its back. This is known as the mark Christ laid upon the donkeys as the animal that carried Jesus on Palm Sunday. All have the cross but some are more visible than others.

    Wee Ones White Feather is known best for his coon jumping. This is a class where the miniature donkey is lead into a boxed-off square,brought to a complete halt and then jumps over the bar. This represents when hunters would take their donkey hunting coons and the donkey would jump the fence.

   We all love White Feather here at the farm.

White Feather, the Pet of the Day

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