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April 3, 2006

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Caramel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Caramel
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini Lop Rabbit
Home: Auckland, New Zealand
   Hi there, my pet's name is Caramel, she is five years old and is a mini lop. She is the most cutest, friendliest, loveliest little bunny I have ever laid eyes on. She is so clever, like when I call her she comes, she knows that I am her owner and licks me all the time. I love her so much and would love to show her to everyone.

    She has the sweetest personality, very funny too. She knows when you are watching her and then she darts all over the place and jumps high, then looks to see if you are still watching her.

    Her favorite treat is a pistachio nut and she knows when I have the bag of nuts ready to give her. I shake the bag and she hops into the kitchen and then I get her to beg for her nut.

    Her favorite game to play is when my son throws a blanket on the ground and starts moving it, she will hop on and have a ride down the hallway, then she hops off and has a ride back again. As she is five years old, she tends to sleep a lot, she has her favorite spot in the lounge to do that, she loves going outside to eat grass etc., and luckily we don't have any dogs around our neighborhood, so she feels pretty safe, though someone is outside with her when she goes out. I love my Caramel!

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