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September 23, 2005

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Patch, the Pet of the Day
Name: Patch
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Portland, Indiana, USA
   I bought Patch and her sister Brownie from Petsmart with my own money. Patch is an orange, black, and white spotted guinea pig with black eyes. She is chubbier than Brownie. She likes to eat clover, dandelions, apples, and carrots. Brownie and Patch love hay, too! Brownie only eats the stems off the clover, so I give the clover flower part to Patch. Brownie doesn't like dandelions very much. She just nibbles on them and drops them.

    Patch is a lot tamer than Brownie. She sits on my lap and lets me pet her. She doesn't even kick when I pick her up. She likes to be brushed with a toothbrush. She also likes to play in her Pigloo and a cardboard box with a little whole on the side so she can get inside.

    My dad and I made her cage. She is sitting in a corner of it in this picture. It's really long. My mom says it can't even fit on my dresser! Patch is my favorite guinea pig! I like her because she is so tame. I think she's my prettiest guinea pig, too.

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