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September 22, 2005

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Peekaboo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Peekaboo
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Budgie
Home: Gaylord, Michigan, USA
   Although I've only had her for a few months, Peekaboo has already captured my heart and taken over my home. I've wanted a pet bird for years, and I spent my free time in the last year or so online finding out everything I possibly could about budgies and how to take care of them. I finally convinced my parents to let me get one, and off to the pet store I went. There were a lot of baby budgies to choose from, but after sitting by the cages for awhile, I couldn't take my eyes off the bright green and yellow budgie that was racing around the cage, playing with toys, and peeping it's little heart out. So, Peekaboo came home with me.

    Peekaboo has been an adorable and amusing pet ever since. Although it usually takes weeks or even months for a pet budgie to become tame, Peekaboo has been tame pretty much since day one. She enjoys sitting on my shoulder and softly warbling into my ear, as well as climbing all over in my hair! Whenever I walk by her cage, she chirps excitedly and starts climbing all over the front of her cage until I finally give in and let her out. Once she's out, Peekaboo loves exploring the house, chirping along to the television or radio, and playing in her favorite places, which include my mother's houseplants, the fan, and her playgym. If she's ever left alone for more than a few minutes, she starts chirping really loudly for someone to come and pay attention to her.

    Originally, I'd really hoped that I would get a male budgie, so that it could learn to talk. However, Peekaboo turned out to be a female, so she most likely won't. Listening to her assortment of peeps, chirps, screams, and cackles are enough for me! Whenever someone is trying to watch television, they're sure to have to deal with a lot of noise- Peekaboo likes to compete with the TV for attention! She just doesn't like it when "her" humans are too busy watching TV to play with or talk to her.

    A lot of people think budgies are boring, "beginner" birds, and opt instead for a larger parrot. However, budgies are neither! A budgie still requires a lot of attention, fresh food and water, mental stimulation, and physical exercise daily. They can be just as personable and lively as many of the larger parrots, and many males (and a few females) can even learn to talk! A budgie's bite is far less painful than that of one of the larger, harder-beaked parrots, and even when they're extremely excited, their chirping is much easier to tolerate. Yes, budgies are parrots, too! If you'd like to experience the joys of owning a pet parrot, in a manageable size and disposition, I'd recommend that you get a budgie. However, if you want a pet that doesn't require very much attention or care, then something such as a fish might be better for you.

    I know one thing for sure... I wouldn't trade Peekaboo for any other pet in the world!

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