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September 17, 2005

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Bucky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bucky
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Welsh Pony cross
Home: North Carolina, USA
   I have only had Bucky for a few months, but he is already my best friend ever! His show name is Smarty Pants. My trainer found him online and I rode him three times before we bought him. I fell in love right away, he is so sweet and did everything I asked of him. He is so faithful and honest. He is so small, but has such a big heart. During his vet check before I bought him, we had to x-ray his leg because it had trouble during the flexion test (this where they flex his leg uncomfortably and then make him run to see if his leg is strong) and he was soo good! The vet had all this freaky equipment and propped all these weird things on his legs for it, but he stood still the entire time. He is really small, only 13.2 hands high but he is so sweet! Sometimes he gets an attitude and tries to act all tough but deep down he just a big sweet heart. He's incredibly smart, as his show name says, when he wants to go to the field, he picks up his halter and hands it to me. If I hold his halter open, he'll stick his nose right in. And he comes running to you when you come to his gate. He is so special and I love him so much!!!

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