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September 8, 2005

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Rocky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rocky
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Umbrella Cockatoo
Home: Sun City, California, USA
   I found Rocky through a small ad in a local paper for a mere $200. At first, he didn't seem to like people because he hissed and displayed whenever I got near him. But I brought him home with me anyway and started interacting with him. Before long, he began to show his true colors: a very loving and affectionate bird that loves the human touch.

    Rocky is also very quiet for a cockatoo. He rarely feels compelled to make much noise, usually settling on a few 'peeps' when he wants attention. He's never been aggressive and has never bitten anyone. He is so affectionate that he will even drop his favorite treat if there are scritches coming his way. And he's very gentle, too, even with the tiny hand that belongs to my neighbors eighteen-month-old child. When she reaches up to him...he simply lowers his head looking for more scritches. I typically leave his cage open while I'm home, and if I leave his view for any length of time he will typically go back inside on his own and wait there for me.

    All the personality that comes through in his photos doesn't even scratch the surface, words cannot describe how lucky I am to be owned by him. After almost thirteen years he has been nothing short of spectacular, and the most incredible pet I could ever ask for.

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