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September 6, 2005

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Suzette, the Pet of the Day
Name: Suzette
Age: Twenty years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Congo African Grey
Home: Sacramento, California, USA
   Suzette speaks French and English. She is a Congo African Grey, so she speaks that, too! What makes Suzette so special is that she loves everyone. My sister works at a bar and when we go for a ride in the car to pick her up Suzette goes in with me. Everyone loves suzette. Suzette will walk on the bar and give people kisses and then take their money. When we leave, she'll say "bye".

    This is a picture of her with a chicken leg. I know it seems crazy, but cute. Birds do need their calcium, too! She knows so many sounds and phrases. I have a motorcycle and she likes to sit on the handle bars while it's not moving.

    She is truly a special bird.

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