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September 4, 2005

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Joey, Sammy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Joey, Sammy
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Fancy Rat
Home: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
   These are my two beautiful male rats. Their names are Joey and Sammy. My name is Shannon, and the rats belong to my boyfriend and I. These are the first two rats that we got! We now have another cage with three girls. We also have a hamster, a mouse, and three fishtanks!

    Joey is the blondie with a very sweet disposition. He enjoys it when we let him (and Sammy) out of the cage to run on the couch, although Joey usually just sprawls out and goes to sleep! We prop up pillows for them so they can have a little place to hide. He also loves to play and wrestle! We had recently brought him to the Emergency Vet because his foot was bleeding very badly. He probably lost about a 1/4 cup of blood - that's a lot for a little guy like him! It turns out that it was a torn toenail! When we brought him home, he had a huge bandage on his foot that looked like a club! It was cute, but that was off in no time! The vet was expensive, but we love our rats more than the money!

    Sammy is a big baby! He likes to come out and run on the couch, but he absolutely loves it when we pet him and give him lots of attention. He will usually lie down with us if we keep petting him consistantly. He loves to be scratched behind his ears and likes to harass his brother Joey and wrestle with him! They know their names and any sound that is associated with food! They also know how to climb into their cage! We absolutely love them and after people meet them, they usually see why!

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