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September 2, 2005

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Jesse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jesse
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dutch Dwarf Rabbit
Home: North Carolina, USA
   My name is Jesse and I reside in North Carolina. I was bought by the grandparents of a lovely Granddaughter at Easter time. Much to her Daddy's surprise, even he is really fond of me now. I am six months old but look much younger because I am a Dutch Dwarf. My color is blue and white. I am very sociable and am always having to be stroked and loved on. I live in the kitchen. My cage is on the floor and I go in and out to eat and use the toilet.

    I love to lay stretched out over the air conditioner vent and I love staying cool. So cool that I have now decided the fourth kitchen chair is mine to sit on and take a nap. When my family sits at the table to eat, I run around their legs waiting for a foot rub. I am a very happy bunny and express this by flopping out on one side and closing my eyes. All is right in my world!

    Ever since I was a baby I jump into the refrigerator waiting for food. I am always asking for food and have a very sweet tooth. My worst food is carrots! I am learning not to pull the threads out of the rug, because if I do I get locked up in the cage. I hate it so much that I pull all the bedding and paper up and tip the food everywhere!

    My favorite place in the cage is being stretched out on the shelf.

    I do not like to go in the run in the garden. Oh no, I love to leap as high as I can in the air and run at full pelt up and down the garden doing the binkie dance. I also love to sleep in the shade under the tree.

    My family have nicknamed me King Jesse with a scratching attitude because I am such a tearaway and I sit so proud and confidently. It's only because I know I am loved so much.

   From Jesse

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